1 x VEGA condiments glass container set with lid and wooden tray

Available in 3-glass and 6-glass set 



Base: Acacia wood

Container: Glass 



Container: 3x5" x 3" (200ml) 

Tray: 12" x 4" (3-glass set) | 12" x 8" (6-glass set) 



* This product is NOT Microwave and Oven-safe. Item is packaged safely in bubble-wrapped boxed for safe delivery. 

* Do not place under direct fire. It is functional as serving dishes or tableware.

* This product is NOT Dishwasher-safe due to its wooden properties; avoid acidic or abrasive dishwashing soaps to avoid unnecessary wear on the finishing of the dishes. We suggest environment-friendly detergents with less to no chemicals.